Anyway, here’s my entry for the Ava’s Demon art contest.

Yeah, unfortunately I can’t find my artbox or my colored pencils that can actually color so I had to use pastels and colored pencils more suited to tracing. And at first I thought the pastels were oil but they turned out to be chalk. (And please don’t remark the mishap with marker on the bottom picture. I forgot I switched it in my hand with one of the pencils.)


This is Chloris! (Everyone say hi to Chloris)

She is one of the more aquatic demons, and I envisioned this piece as her lying on the bottom of a really shallow tropical slow moving river or creekbed. She’s kind of based on some of the Greecian wave patterns (as seen in her hair) and as a result, is based off some of the Greek myths. Her golden body is basically filled with a version of ichor, the blood of the gods, which kept them eternal life. Spilling such blood would create more life, oddly enough, usually through death. In this case though, it was more or less originally keeping her body together through magic, but now that idea’s been given way to creating life if spilled and rejuvenating her body. She still has high magic responses/affinities, however.

She is also based on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, Rappaccini’s Daughter, which is about a scientist’s daughter who helps her dad out with his research on deadly poisonous plants (Fun, right?) and the student who falls in love with her even though her body’s now acclimated to the conditions. Needless to say it does not end well. (Just like most Greecian myths!) English teachers have a tendency to analyze the tragedy and theme of this short story, so you’ve probably heard of it at one point. So…you’ve probably guessed by now that she has poisonous blood! Yay! Just like another Greek myth! Double yay! (How many more Greek myths will the author mention? Let’s keep a tally.)

For the other myth, (I) it’s about the monsters medusae. (This you should know!) The medusae happened to have two version specific characteristics of their blood. On the right side it could cure anything, (phoenix tears II) and on the left side was poison. So, in addition to having alien ichor, she’s also poisonous. (Not venemous. Poisonous. Think acidic toxins in her case.) Her blood appears green, not unlike the green in her eyes and clothes and has a tendency to pop up on her complexion during climactic emotion like desperation, anxiety, anticipation, usually negative. Her toxins look like brick rectangles on her skin in a barred pattern when they show.

Also, see the check on her clothing? That’s for Nike, the Greek goddess of victory! (III) (I had originally perceived Chloris as a surfer chick. she just likes Nike clothing ‘cuz it’s comfortable for her and easy to move in.) Chloris is also sporting some Greecian jewelry, an armband, necklace, and (my personal favorite for her) a diadem! (The crown thingy) Also, notice the pink marks on her body? On her lower stomach? Those are scars. Pleasant, huh? Pink is a sign of skin damage for her race/species/kind/people. (It’s also a sign of hair damage.) The biggest one (on her right) is from—wait for it—a javelin fight! (Up top!) (Achilles IV) Really, someone else used it against her though and stabbed her right through for reasons later explained.

Chloris (I swear I’ll stop soon) is also named after a Greek myth person. A—you guessed it—nymph, Chloris! (Chloris V) Chloris was a nymph most likely responsible for putting people into flowers—Hyacinthus, Adonis, Crocus, Narcissus. That’s a lot of people, you say. And yes, it is. But it’s also the main reason she’s sitting in water. And all the green and blood and Greek jewelry and personality and poison. It’s more like an underlying nature for the sweet happy flower personality/people. Being a flower is not as fun as you expect it to be, and it was done by an ultimately good person! We think…

For personality and past life… Well, she’s partially based off a shabti, an Egyptian statue that can come to life and do things for you as evidenced by her golden skin, (Egypt VI) so she came into contact a lot with things like the royal family. (servants/messengers) She was part of their council/court and lived in the royal capitol under their jurisdiction. She was generally well known among the rest of the entourage being friendly and polite, but also for her familiarity with others, speaking casually for royal court etiquette and familiar terms with sometimes the royals during meetings or other high-ranking officials. Chloris put on an air of closeness to them similar to.. (Cleopatra VII). (Oh, look—double pun!) This would sometimes put her on bad ill-wills of the others and would flip-flop between other emotions. Envy, lack of confidence, anxiety, worries, loathing, jealousy, bad poisonous feelings. (See where I’m going with this?)

Chloris, as a demon, is the sin of art jealousy, losing an item necessary for your mental health and art/future career growth, deleting sentences accidentally with no undo button, verbal abuse (esp. close former loved ones), career/future uncertainty, paranoia, inferiority, and the hidden depths of naivety. And how that fits into tragedy.

She is basically a person/demon who seems nice enough, but people always feel like she has hidden agendas. Really, she doesn’t, she just likes to chill all day in the water looking at the trees (Which is really quite lovely, as you can imagine.) Usually, people somewhat accept her at first, and then they get conclusions after prolonged exposure, whether it’s beauty, power, sociopathy, destructive relationship, witchcraft, or a perceived offense/slight. Really, if you stand around her long enough, sooner or later you’re gonna hate her. (Remember, she’s highly responsive to magic. Flaws are present in such intimate practices.)

Either way, she died in a proposed mock battle by one of the courtiers with javelins. You see, the thing that made Chloris most off-putting was her battle prowess. She was trained in the arts from an early age, but in mind, like the navy/other militaries. Weapons came later, but her eerie, passive calm attitude was contrasted sharply against her intimate exterior. In fact, the only time she ever showed/had concern (remember the blood) was when there was news on troops. (Or whoever she pacts with)

So… with the myth tally at seven or more if you count unmentioned trivia and cameos, that is the story of Chloris. Yaaay. (I really can’t wait for the writing challenge.)






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